The Cockayne Farmstead, originally "Glen Dale Farm"


our mission

To create an educational and cultural center from a unique historic property that will nurture individual creativity and artistic expression, encourage the development of leadership skills and community pride through the rich cultural heritage of West Virginia, and promote tourism and economic development for the betterment of the citizens of our state and our nation.



The Preservation Effort: Accomplishments Thus Far

The Town of Glen Dale and the Marshall County Historical Society, upon the death of Samuel A. J. Cockayne in November, 2001, partnered to preserve the Cockayne Property. The farmhouse was nominated to the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. It was so listed in December of that year.


Cockayne Historic Preservation Committee

Committee Members:

Nila Chaddock, Chairman

Sharon West DaRae, Secretary

Bob Straub, CPA, Treasurer

Lewis Richmond, Glen Dale Council

Scott Owen, President, Marshall County Historical Society

Jamie Vosvick, Site Manager

Wayne Hardy

Sidney Grisell

Eddie Grose

Joshua May

John K. Chase, IV

George Bamberger

Kayla Grose

Debbie Barto

Thomas J. Rouse, III

Judi Tarowsky

June Geiger

Christopher M. Turak

Gerry Wood

Bonnie Mueller


Construction Liaison:

Casey Pozell, Pozell Contracting 



Steve Avdakov, Heritage Architectural Associates