News & events

The Appalachian Artisan Festival was a tremendous success and we had people ambling around all day and taking tours of the house.  The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all. 

Our Sheep to Shawl event, while not as well attended as we had hoped, was a super event.    Thanks to everyone that helped and to Wayne for providing the ice cream!  As a result of this event, we have two new Society members AND a 4-H club will be visiting us this Fall and would like us to come up with ideas for a community project this coming year associated with Cockayne.     


The Chevron grant is making progress.  Once again, for planting purposes, we are late in the season, but we are planting trees, the pump innards are laying on the ground while we try to get the pump up and running  , and Doug and Claire are developing plans for planting flowers, etc.    So progress IS being made.  And the vegetable garden still looks weed free and well tended, so the new arrangement is working out well.


Claire is planning an Appalachian Artisan Festival in late August and is hard at work contacting vendors.      And, while we thought that the Humanities grant was 95% complete, a closer look at the grant application and budget made us realize we were far from complete.  Fortunately, Claire has enlisted help and this is moving forward.  The deadline for the Humanities grant is August 31, and for Chevron, it is November.


Kroger Community Rewards!   We just received a  check for this quarter .  If you shop at Kroger, it doesn’t cost anything to sign up for Community Rewards and designate the MCHS as your project of choice.  To sign up, simply go and open an account.  You will need to enter your name, address, Kroger card number, the Kroger store you frequent, and they are not capturing your email address to send out solicitation emails. Simply select Marshall County Historical Society (we are number 59245) to designate us to receive those rewards.  And if you need help to register, I’ll be glad to help.               


We are busy preparing an Evan G. Roberts grant to restore additional artifacts, and soon will be filing a grant to paint the south and west sides of the farmhouse.  It has been eight years since the exterior of the farmhouse was painted, and the south side especially gets the weather.  We have a proposal  to paint the south side and another for the west side.  


There is still much to do to 1) complete the electric and get the insulation back in the Visitor’s Center attic, 2) complete the handicapped accessible restroom in the Visitor’s Center, 3) replace the shingles on the Visitor’s Center, 4) complete the requirements of both the Chevron and Humanities grants, and 5) begin planning for the fencing and the murals.  And then there is the Student Film Festival planning.