STEM Outdoor Classroom


The Cockayne Farmstead has always been intertwined with science, technology, engineering, and math. At one time, it operated as a world-famous farm with a wildly successful Merino sheep breeding program. The family had to understand natural sciences to understand the health of their animals, how to grow their crops, and how to plan for the seasons of the year. They sought out the newest and best technology for farming equipment and household appliances and engineered their own selective breeding program. Math was an integral part of managing the farm business including, paying bills, calculating costs, and collecting payments.

Since the ending of the main farm business in the early 20th century, these practices have ended on the farmstead. Until now. With our new outdoor classroom, the study of STEM curriculum can resume for the new generation on Cockayne property. The outdoor classroom can be used to study West Virginia’s honey bees, water, native plants, wildflowers, butterflies, birds, wildlife, and trees.

Please contact us to see how you may be able to work one or all of these curriculum into your lesson plans by visiting the farmstead or by borrowing the STEM Trunk.

The STEM Trunk contains additional educational tools, activities, models, pamphlets, and kits. Use these items while visiting the Cockayne Farmstead or check them out to use at your school or at home. See the inventory guide to see what items are available and what subjects can be studied through these tools.

Please contact Cockayne Farmstead at 304-845-1411 or to set up a field trip or to inquire about using the Cockayne Trunk for your educational group.