The Cockayne Family Crest 

Lonnie Kiger with Lisa Tator, who donated Cockayne Family Crest to project

Lonnie Kiger with Lisa Tator, who donated Cockayne Family Crest to project

     The hand penciled picture in the photo above was bought by Lisa Tator at the auction of the estate of Sam Shaw in the 1990s. She thinks it is the Cockayne Family Crest and she has generously donated it to the Cockayne House Project.

     On the top of the drawing is a head of a rooster. Below that is a shield with 3 roosters inside; a banner on the bottom says EN BON ESPIOR. Then the name is spelled COKAYNE.

     On the back of the picture is a piece of paper that says, Extract from Cokayne Memoranda:

     "The descent of Ida de Gray, wife of Sir John Cokayne, of Cokyane-hatley, is deduced from Egbert, King of England and from Emperor Charlemagne; while the pedigree following, which showes the royal and noble descendants of the marriage of Sir John Cokayne and above, the illustrious name of Queen Elizabeth appears as a decendant of the Cokayne family; Her mother, Queen Anne Boleyn, as well as another of the unfortunate wives of King Henry VIII, Katherine Howard, being descended through the familys of Howard, Tylney and Cheyney as related in the pedigree from Elizagbeth, daughter of Sir John Cokayne and wife of Lawrence Cheyney of Fen Ditton in Chambridgeshire. Their daughter Elizabeth married Sir Frederick Tylney of Ashwell Thorpe, Norfolk and Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Fredrick and Elizabeth Tylney (heir to her father) became the wife of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk and mother of lady Elizabeth Howard, who married Sir Thomas Bolyen, Lord Rochford ect. bad issue, the unfortunate Lady Anne Boleyn; while the said Duke of Norfolk's son, Lord Edmund Howard was the father of Katherine Howard another unfortunate wife of King Henry VIII." 

"En Bon Espoir" (In good hope, or faith)