By the time of Sam Cockayne's death, the Adena Indian Burial Mound long protected by the Cockayne Family had slipped from his hands. Decades earlier, Brothers John and Sam Cockayne divided their final plat ofland, and John's share included the Mound.  After John's death, his widow sold the Indian Burial  Mound to a neighbor.

In March, 2005, the Mound was acquired and restored to the farmhouse. Thanks to the following for making this possible ...

Chris Jackson and Jamie Vosvick, Archaeological Consultants of the MidWest, who donatedtheirservicestoauthenticatetheMoundas prehistoricin nature;


Chadan Engineering for donating their services to survey the boundaries of the Mound;


J.K. Chase, Jr., Attorney at Law, for donating legal services; And

Our West Virginia Legislative Delegation and Former Governor Bob Wise, who recognized the importance of protecting this archaeological treasu re and secured the funds to purchase and restore it to the farmhouse. In addition to former Governor Wise, a debt of gratitude is owed to that delegation:

Senator Jeffrey V. Kessler

Senator Larry J. Edgell

Delegate Scott Varner

Delegate Kenneth Tucker